Q.  Do I have to be there when you arrive?

A.  No.  Most people work during the day and find it difficult to arrange a time to be home.  However, if you want to be there on the first initial meeting we can arrange a time to meet you and your dog/dogs.  Just give us a call to schedule a date and time.

Q.  How will I know when you have cleaned my yard?

A.  We will leave an invoice with the service date on it in your mailbox once job is completed.

Q.  Is it okay to leave dog/dogs outside when you show up?

A.  Yes. if after meet and greet, your dog/dogs are okay with us being on his/her turf .  You know your dogs best so please, if you feel they do not take well to strangers, it would probably be best to keep them inside until our service is performed.

Q.  When and how do I pay for service?

A.  Spring cleaning and One time clean up services are due at time service is performed.  Regular monthly services will be billed and payment due by the 25th of each month.  We accept cash, check ($35 dollar fee for all returned checks), and electronic payment thru PNC Merchant Services.  If paid with credit/debit card thru PNC Merchant Services, you will receive immediate receipt via email or text.  Prompt payment is required for continued service.  If payment is not received by the beginning of the following month, we will suspend service until payment is received.

Q.  What does yard cleaning include?

A.  We will service grassy areas, walkways, decks, dog runs/kennels and patios to remove all dog waste. * We use a Kennel Grade Disinfectant to clean our shoes and tools after each yard to insure that we do not spread possible dog diseases/parasites onto the next customers yard *

Q.  What does yard cleaning not include? 

A.  We are not equipped to remove debris from your yard if your dog/dogs favorite spot is a pile of leaves or super tall grass that hinders us from seeing the pet waste.  We can only remove the waste that is visible.  Keeping your yard well maintained insures we will be able to see and remove all pet waste.

Q.  How do you dispose of the waste?

A.  We completely remove pet waste from your property and dispose of it per city and state regulations.  Pooper Scooper Pawfection is now going to start safely composting the pet waste.

Q. What do you do with my personal information?

A.  We only use it to provide you with our service.  We will never share or sell your information.

Q.  Do I have to sign any contracts?

A.  Yes.  This give Pooper Scooper Pawfection permission to be on your property to perform pet waste removal service/services.

Q.  What other services do you provide?

A.  Free estimates.  We  service Commercial sized apartment complexes.  We can power wash/disinfect dog runs, kennels, decks, and patios.  Prices vary depending on sizes, how many kennels/dog runs etc.  We offer gift certificates. We can do One-Time Clean-Up for  special occasions