Pooper Scooper Pawfection was founded in July of 2015.  With dog ownership comes responsibility.  One of those major responsibilities includes properly disposing of the dogs waste.  We realize people have busy schedules and want to enjoy their free time doing other things than picking up Dog Poo.

Pooper Scooper Pawfection offers Affordable Rates and Quality Service.  Let us give you peace of mind knowing that your Pet Waste will be removed weekly and disposed of properly.

"Making Dogs Happy One Yard At A Time"

Meet the Team

  There are many reasons for scooping your dog's waste such as Preventing ground and water pollution, preventing flies and pests and unpleasant odors, keeping your yard clean so that children don't track the pet waste into the house, and it keeps your dog/dogs safe from harmful viruses and bacteria.  Responsible dog owners have a choice for disposing of their pets waste.  They can pick up after their pets or they can hire a professional pooper scooper to come do it for them.  Let Pooper Scooper Pawfection come do your dirty work.  Pooper Scooper Pawfection is fully insured.  Shoes and Tools are Sanitized after each service visit to ensure no spreading of potential dog disease from one yard to the next.   Remember, caring for pets includes love, commitment, appropriate veterinary care, and a well informed Pooper Scooper!

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